Engineering is essentially about solving puzzles, culminating in a new or improved product that the engineer can take pride in. As with any other sort of puzzle, the keys to successful engineering are: attention to detail, a bit of creativity and the drive to see the project completed.


With a background spanning mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and control systems, I bring a broad knowledge base to bear on a problem. Coupled with over a decade of programming and hardware development for university labs, government R&D and commercial products, I excel at quickly 'getting up to speed' on a new project, while retaining the flexibility to move between projects and roles as needed.


Key areas of expertise are :

  • Mathworks Real-Time Workshop (xPC Target) for embedded system development and data gathering
  • Matlab / Simulink for simulations, data processing and user interaction
  • C for embedded systems development and expanding the capabilities of Matlab and Real-Time Workshop
  • System characterization and modeling for control system development
  • Electromechanical systems (primarily motors and servo positioning)
  • PCB design, schematic capture and layout
  • Hardware / software integration